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Tank containers

OSV Test

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  • Safety check of the safety and draining components
  • This operation consists of performing leak tests on the detachable parts attached to the tank shell such as the valves, safety valves, seals and gaskets.
  • To carry out this operation, the tank container is pressurized to 25% of the barrel’s working pressure.
  • This safety check can be carried out at different stages: while providing an estimate for tank container repairs or periodically (2.5 and 5 year tests) or when a customer requests a leak test before loading.  

5-year test (or hydraulic test)


  • It consists of dismantling all the tank container components such as the valves, gaskets etc, blocking all outlets with blank flanges and completely filling up the tank with water and then pressurizing the tank container to 1.5 times its working pressure.
  • This test is used to check the tank integrity and to detect any potential leaks.
  • This operation is carried out by qualified technicians and verified by approved control bodies such as BV or DNV. 


Shot blasting SA 2.5


Shot blasting
  • Shot blasting is the operation of propelling a stream of abrasive material (micro steel beads) against a surface under high pressure to modify it.
  • The aim is to treat a surface in order to improve its appearance and to obtain a better adhesion for future paint, plastic or rubber coatings. Our shot blasting meets SA 2.5 standard.



Spare parts management (Store)


Our store holds a wide and comprehensive stock of any spare parts necessary to carry out tank or container repairs and to meet our customers’ needs around the world.


The store management deals with ordering parts by calling for tenders among our numerous suppliers. Then orders are made and recorded on the company's IT system; upon receipt the storekeeper carries out quality and quantity checks as well as missing and faulty goods.

Spare parts management


All our parts are bar coded to ensure they can all be traced whether they are assembled by an operator, sent to another site or sold to a customer.

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